All with a serious passion for music, our presenters bring different genres together to bring you great radio shows for whatever you’re into.

Russell Auty

Russell’s Country & Western Show  

Tuesday’s 1600hrs – 1800hrs GMT

Though I’ve been interested in Country Music most of my life, it was only about 6 years or so ago that I started playing Country music on RadioMK.  I play all the latest recordings sent to me from all over the world.  

Bands in & Around MK

Tuesday’s 1800hrs – 2000hrs GMT

I have been interested in bands since my son had his own band playing Indie Music where I went around the gigs with him. Later I used to go to London with my son to hear bands such as Razorlight, Oasis, Muse, Blur etc. Then in 2006 I thought there must be good bands locally as they have to start somewhere.

I was going to gigs 2 or 3 times a week listening to bands and having their music aired on my programmes. I first started broadcasting on 1000 Mikes and BlogTV for a few years, then joined RadioMK of which I have now been broadcasting for 11 years playing Bands In & Around Milton Keynes with live bands appearing  on my show.

Lee Grote

AlternativeMK Show 

Monday’s 1800hrs – 2000hrs GMT

Hi, I’m Lee and I host the AlternativeMK and Indie breakfast shows on RadioMK. I have been involved in the local music scene for over 20 years, mostly playing bass in local bands.

My love of music came in the 90’s when I got into the brit pop bands of the time like Blur and Oasis. From there, under the guidance of my Dad, I got into 60’s bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks and The Doors.

I love the local Milton Keynes music scene and we focus a lot on the local up and coming alternative artists on the show, as well as all things new on the Indie music scene.

Carlston Medford

The Happy Guy Show 

Sunday’s 1700hrs -1900hrs GMT

Carlston Medford is a qualified NLP practitioner who works with clients by assisting them to resolve emotional issues such as anxiety and depression. He has been practising his craft for the past 2 years and during that time has also dealt with people experiencing phobias and personal conflict.

Carlston is very passionate about the work he does as he too had to deal with the struggles of mental health within his own family and as well as himself.

He is presently developing courses to help others understand why they behave the way they do and how to help themselves.

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