Road Safety Checks

road safetyRoad Safety checks targeting overweight vehicles on the M1 were carried out by Thames Valley Polices and the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency. The checks that were carried out at Junction 14 weighbridge were part of Operation Texas and took placed on Thursday last week between 9am and 1pm.

A total of 24 vans were stopped, 12 of which were found to be overweight. Those 12 vehicles were immediately prohibited until they were within specified weight limits and the drivers were issued with fixed penalty notices ranging from £100 fines to £400 fines, as well as three points on their driving licence. A range of other offences were detected, from driving whilst using a mobile phone to committing a tachograph offence.

 PC Rob Lyne, of Milton Keynes Roads Policing, said: “The aim of this operation was to highlight the risks drivers and vehicle operators take when using overweight vehicles

Driving a vehicle that is overweight affects both its handling and braking capabilities which in turn significantly increases the risk of the driver being involved in a traffic collision, putting themselves and other road users at risk.” “It is essential that drivers are aware that it is their responsibility to ensure that the vehicle they are using is road legal before commencing a journey”.