NHS takes control of Local Surgery

kfsimA GP surgery that was once a shining example of a family practice has been taken over by NHS England following a stream of complaints from patients.
Kingfisher Surgery in Newport Pagnell, was allegedly described as a “sick” surgery with “terrible” service in online ratings.
Kingfisher Surgery is now being run directly by NHS England until a new practice provider can be found.

“It’s such a shame,” said one patient, who chose to remain anonymous. “For many years it was such an excellent little surgery, where the doctors always had time for you and where you could always get an appointment.

“Now it seems to have a stream of locum doctors and receptionists who do not even have time to answer the phone.”

The surgery was run for many years by husband and wife team Alex and Catherine Paton.

Mr & Mrs Paton retired, and the practice was taken over by Dr Pedro Moran. Tragically, Dr Moran passed away at the age of 48, due to a brain tumour.

Late last year Independent Watchdog Body, Healthwatch Milton Keynes noticed a spate of complaints from Kingfisher patients.

“We requested information from the surgery and shared the concerns and correspondence we had received from NHS England,” said a spokesperson.

The NHS area team stepped in to supervise and consult with patients about future improvements. Meanwhile, Healthwatch Milton Keynes says the number of complaints has started to subside.

“Hopefully a long-term provider will soon be found and Kingfisher will once again be a successful practice,” said the spokesperson.

Any patients with concerns about any aspect of healthcare can contact Healthwatch Milton Keynes on: 01908 266 696.