New Rail Link between Cambridge, Bletchley and Oxford

East West Rail LinkLast year East West Rail were given the go ahead to reopen the rail link between Oxford and Bletchley. The government said it was committed to the £270 million project, subject to a financially beneficial business case being proven. Earlier attempts to reinstate the line were not successful, but given the population increase across the areas, particularly in Milton Keynes, and years of campaigning by the EWRC (East West Rail Consortium), the case for reopening the lines was approved by government.

The EWRC – a group of local authorities and local businesses – are promoting the project and forecast that the link could create up to 12,000 jobs and the building of 70,000 new homes on the route.

Options for the Cambridge to Bedford link were also proposed last month, which range from using existing track, adding a new section between Sandy and Bedford, or building a completely new line along the A428 road.

Trains may be running on the lines by 2017. Further information can be found on the East West Rail website.