MK NHS to Improve A & E Services and Patient Care

It was announced this week, that Milton Keynes Hospital NHS Foundation Trust will take further steps to improve its A&E services and finances, so that patients can receive better care.
Monitor, the health sector regulator, has taken further action after the trust failed to fully address existing concerns over its clinical and financial performance.
As a result, the trust has now agreed with Monitor to take the following legally binding steps:
1 – Develop and implement an updated plan to address its A&E problems, such as patients waiting longer than four hours to be seen;
2 – Develop and put into action a plan to improve its finances;
3 – Ensure any future problems with its finances or services are identified and properly dealt with
4 – Ensure that its plans fit in with the findings and recommendations of the Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes Healthcare Review.
The health regulator previously took regulatory action at the trust in April 2013 after it failed to meet national A&E targets and its financial performance had deteriorated.
Monitor has also been working with commissioners on the Healthcare Review to develop a local plan that improves health services for patients across Milton Keynes and Bedfordshire.
Laura Mills, Deputy Regional Director at Monitor, said: “The trust has made some progress in addressing our concerns over its clinical and financial performance and sustainability. The people of Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes deserve good quality healthcare services now and in the future, but there is still much more to do if this is to be achieved.”
Monitor will continue to scrutinise the trust rigorously and take further regulatory action if necessary.